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I spent some time during the summer of 2015 travelling the back roads of Georgia to villages few people know exist. Working with Ryan from reWoven, we traveled throughout the beautiful country of Georgia, visiting weavers, chatting with farmers and spending a freezing night in a shepherds camp high in the mountains. I had been connected with this project through a mutual friend and was excited when everything fell into place to fly from Sweden to work with Ryan and provide reWoven with a library of images that can now be used for everything from exhibitions, social media and press releases. I met many beautiful, friendly people, and came home with images that will be used to promote the beauty of both the people and the rugs of reWoven.


Gorgeous rugs have been woven for centuries by the Azerbaijani people living in the Republic of Georgia. Once a world-renowned rug weaving region, this tradition has all but vanished. reWoven endeavors to save this craft from complete extinction by creating high quality rugs that embody the aesthetics and methods of centuries past, while maximizing their benefit for its weavers and their community today. Each rug is a unique blend of personal expression and cultural richness, and one small step toward insuring this tradition survives another generation.

Visit reWoven – www.rewoven.net

  • Create images showing the ancient process of Azeri rug weaving
  • Show the natural beauty of Georgia
  • Capture the entire process of rug weaving from the shepherds with their flocks high in the mountains to the completed rugs ready for sale
  • Produce images that portray every day life in an Azerbaijani village
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