In the Caucus Mountains of Georgia.
14 Mar 2017

This is one of those unforgettable experiences that happen to find you when your not even looking for it. I was in Georgia working with #reWoven, we were driving high in the Caucus Mountains looking for a nomadic Azeri Shepherd’s camp we had been told was in the area.

Malawian Hoop Rolling
27 Feb 2017

Hoop rolling. I never knew this game had an official name and that images from ancient Greece portray people playing it! This young boy in a village in Malawi probably

Quiet moment in the Haggia Sophia
19 Feb 2017

The Hagia Sophia – one of the most visited buildings in one of the most famous cities in the world. Built as a church, turned into a mosque and now a museum, this woman was able to find a peaceful moment surrounded by the crowds of tourists constantly filling this historical building.

Kids in Malawi
11 Jan 2017

Photographing kids is always an adventure. I find it often starts with shyness and running away from, or hiding from the camera and ends with confidence and fighting to be

Orthodox Church in Ternopil
06 Jan 2017

This Orthodox Church is just across the road from our house. It is such a beautiful building, and it is amazing to see that this is just one of so

Drying Chili in Kathmandu
13 Oct 2016

Nepal is so colourful – and I love it. It really stood out to me , be it the clothing, buildings or food, everything seems to be coloured. Beautiful blends

Bukavu Portraits
12 Oct 2016

While on assignment in Bukavu, DR Congo, I got to meet many interesting and wonderful people. This is a relative of Prince who we worked closely with through out my

The Tools of the Trade
10 Oct 2016

Do you know what these tools are and what they are used for? I didn’t until I spent time on assignment in Georgia, where they were a common tool found

Brick making in the Congo
08 Oct 2016

Brick making in the DR Congo. Along with his 3 sons, this man spends his days in the clay of a river bed. As one son digs out the clay,

Malawian Inspiration
08 Oct 2016

Meet Decent. I met Decent a few years ago and was inspired by his passion and love for his country and Malawian people. This year I had the opportunity to

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