Working with Dinadi in Kathmandu
24 Mar 2017

This week I’m in Nepal working with @dinadinepal on their next season of products. I setup a mini studio in the office to photograph all the products and models wearing

Off to Nepal for Dinadi 2017
08 Mar 2017

Last year I got to work with @prestonthiessen from @dinadinepal in Kathmandu. I spent a week photographing the beautiful hand-knitted products that were used in their successful Kickstarter campaign working

Photo Editing
17 Jan 2017

Settling in @karmakava for a day of editing. A nice connection of photos from Nepal to go through today from @johndavidsonco – doing great work around the world.

Coffee at Karma Kava
07 Jan 2017

Took some photos @karmakava – a local coffee shop here in Ternopil, Ukraine. The staff are wonderful, super friendly and make amazing coffee!

At work in a Coffee Shop
06 Jan 2017

Taking some photos for @karmakava today. Great people and great coffee, that’s all you really need in a job right? #coffeeshop #coffee #onlocation #working #ukraine #ternopil #photography #nikon #d800 #travel

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