Coffee at Karma Kava

Took some photos @karmakava – a local coffee shop here in Ternopil, Ukraine. The staff are wonderful, super friendly and make amazing coffee! Please follow and like us:

At work in a Coffee Shop

Taking some photos for @karmakava today. Great people and great coffee, that’s all you really need in a job right? #coffeeshop #coffee #onlocation #working #ukraine #ternopil #photography #nikon #d800 #travel

On location in Kathmandu

#Repost @dinadinepal ・・・ Dinadi’s first photo shoot! So excited to show you our Kickstarter line of hand knitted products! Thanks to our beautiful models, to @ryancarterimages for the amazing pics

Dinadi Artisan

During my time in Nepal, I got to meet and photograph all the artisans producing the hand crafted products for @Dinadinepal. It was wonderful to see how life changing the

The Tools of the Trade

Do you know what these tools are and what they are used for? I didn’t until I spent time on assignment in Georgia, where they were a common tool found