My latest from Instagram…..
28 Apr 2017

Editing – it’s definately a love hate relationship at times, today is more of the love side.

Evlaa Review- The solution to my client image proofing problems
11 Apr 2017

If like me, you have been struggling with how to supply your clients with easily accessible online proofing galleries, then have a read of my Evlaa review. You may find it useful!

Fashion Photography, Culture & A Dead Buffalo
06 Apr 2017

The “Buffalo Incident” – While shooting in Durbar Square, Nepal, with the amazing Dinadi team in Kathmandu, we mixed, fashion, culture, photography and a dead buffalo. Intrigued yet?

Fashion in Durbar Square
25 Mar 2017

Just got back from a photoshoot for Dinadi here in Kathmandu. We had a blast, I look forward to sharing some more images soon! #Repost @dinadinepal ・・・ Photo shoot for

Preparing for Nepal
16 Mar 2017

I’m really looking forward to heading back to #Kathmandu on Saturday to photograph the 2017 range of @dinadinepal products. As I prepare to go, I can’t help thinking how blessed

Off to Nepal for Dinadi 2017
08 Mar 2017

Last year I got to work with @prestonthiessen from @dinadinepal in Kathmandu. I spent a week photographing the beautiful hand-knitted products that were used in their successful Kickstarter campaign working

Coffee at Karma Kava
07 Jan 2017

Took some photos @karmakava – a local coffee shop here in Ternopil, Ukraine. The staff are wonderful, super friendly and make amazing coffee!

At work in a Coffee Shop
06 Jan 2017

Taking some photos for @karmakava today. Great people and great coffee, that’s all you really need in a job right? #coffeeshop #coffee #onlocation #working #ukraine #ternopil #photography #nikon #d800 #travel

On location in Kathmandu
11 Oct 2016

#Repost @dinadinepal ・・・ Dinadi’s first photo shoot! So excited to show you our Kickstarter line of hand knitted products! Thanks to our beautiful models, to @ryancarterimages for the amazing pics

Dinadi Artisan
10 Oct 2016

During my time in Nepal, I got to meet and photograph all the artisans producing the hand crafted products for @Dinadinepal. It was wonderful to see how life changing the

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