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Living in Ternopil, Ukraine
02 Jul 2017

I really love living here in Ternopil, Ukraine. This photo is from a photo club outing a few months ago as the trees were only beginning to turn green and new life was flourishing all around.

Street photography – playing with light
01 Jul 2017

Rim lighting, which is often referred to as back light or even hair lights, is simply light placed on your subject which gives the appearance of a light outline.

Early Days of Exploring Photography
30 Jun 2017

These were my really early days of experimenting with photography, using film and falling in love with the art.

Horseriding in Armenia
29 Jun 2017

We headed off with the men to round up the horses before night fall. Here you can see one of the sons riding bare-back towards us, skillfully guiding the horse at full pace.

Moments around the Campfire
28 Jun 2017

A campfire is so mesmerising and every time I go camping and sit watching the flickering flames, I remember just how much I enjoy it, away from everyday distractions, just the sound of the fire, nature and good conversation.

The Magnificent Ruins of Sydoriv Castle
27 Jun 2017

The magnificent ruins of the Sydoriv Castle, while still huge on the surrounding landscape, it is nothing compared to what it must have been like when construction finished in the 1600’s

Pidkamin and the Legend of Devil’s Rock
26 Jun 2017

On neighbouring hills in the small town of Pidkamin, Ukraine, lies a beautiful Dominican monastery and an infamous piece of stone – the Devil’s Rock.

Azeri Shepherd in Georgia
30 May 2017

During the summer months, before the sun rises over the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, the many shepherd camps scattered throughout the region are bustling with activity.

Meet Thomas, a Malawian Farmer
25 May 2017

I’d like you to meet Thomas. In Malawi, where 80% of the population works in agriculture, Thomas is one of the workers.

Exhibition Images
20 May 2017

These images from my time in the DR Congo we are preparing for an exhibition with Focus Congo later this year in Germany.

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