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Exhibition Images
20 May 2017

These images from my time in the DR Congo we are preparing for an exhibition with Focus Congo later this year in Germany.

Shoe Making in the DR Congo
19 May 2017

Here is another potential image for my upcoming exhibition. In a tiny, dirt floored wooden hut in Bukavu, Congo, this man was working with his son to make shoes

Travel in Congo
08 May 2017

I love those moments when kids just want to be with you. Every where I travel, the longest lasting – and the best – memories are of the people I meet and get to know.

Azeri Shepherd’s Camp
26 Apr 2017

The Azeri shepherds in this camp high in the Caucus Mountains of Georgia have been coming from their village up to the mountains every summer for longer than any of them can remember

It’s All About That Smile
17 Apr 2017

Saturday mornings gives families an opportunity to come to the temple and spend time with their sons. From a young age, these boys are in the process of training to

Evlaa Review- The solution to my client image proofing problems
11 Apr 2017

If like me, you have been struggling with how to supply your clients with easily accessible online proofing galleries, then have a read of my Evlaa review. You may find it useful!

Fashion Photography, Culture & A Dead Buffalo
06 Apr 2017

The “Buffalo Incident” – While shooting in Durbar Square, Nepal, with the amazing Dinadi team in Kathmandu, we mixed, fashion, culture, photography and a dead buffalo. Intrigued yet?

Behind the scenes in Nepal
31 Mar 2017

Behind the scenes on the @Dinadinepal 2017/18 photo shoot. Had a great time working with the beautiful and talented @eefjeschep & @kirstinedonskov. After long days of shooting they still found

Memorable Moments
26 Mar 2017

I spent the morning with @dinadinepal photographing their 2017/2018 range of products in Durbar Square, Nepal. Towards the end of our shoot, a group of men dragged in this buffalo

Fashion in Durbar Square
25 Mar 2017

Just got back from a photoshoot for Dinadi here in Kathmandu. We had a blast, I look forward to sharing some more images soon! #Repost @dinadinepal ・・・ Photo shoot for

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