Photo Editing

Settling in @karmakava for a day of editing. A nice connection of photos from Nepal to go through today from @johndavidsonco – doing great work around the world. Please follow

Image’s at Work

Here’s the image I took the other day @karmakava. Great to see it printed so large in the window of their new store. Hazel thought it looked alright too. Please

Lanterns in Istanbuls Grand Baazar

Waking through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is amazing. The feeling of history, the sights, the sounds, the smells is almost over whelming. Even the space above your head is

Kids in Malawi

Photographing kids is always an adventure. I find it often starts with shyness and running away from, or hiding from the camera and ends with confidence and fighting to be

Coffee at Karma Kava

Took some photos @karmakava – a local coffee shop here in Ternopil, Ukraine. The staff are wonderful, super friendly and make amazing coffee! Please follow and like us:

At work in a Coffee Shop

Taking some photos for @karmakava today. Great people and great coffee, that’s all you really need in a job right? #coffeeshop #coffee #onlocation #working #ukraine #ternopil #photography #nikon #d800 #travel

Orthodox Church in Ternopil

This Orthodox Church is just across the road from our house. It is such a beautiful building, and it is amazing to see that this is just one of so

Dinadi Products

I photographed all the products for the launch of @dinadinepal kickstarter campaign. The products are amazing and I had a great location at @kar.macoffeenepal and great models to work with.

10 years with this Amazing Woman!

This day 10 yrs ago, I married Juanita. I have been so blessed by this woman. She supports me, loves me, encourages me and is a great wife and wonderful

Drying Chili in Kathmandu

Nepal is so colourful – and I love it. It really stood out to me , be it the clothing, buildings or food, everything seems to be coloured. Beautiful blends