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Working with Dinadi in Kathmandu
24 Mar 2017

This week I’m in Nepal working with @dinadinepal on their next season of products. I setup a mini studio in the office to photograph all the products and models wearing

Preparing for Nepal
16 Mar 2017

I’m really looking forward to heading back to #Kathmandu on Saturday to photograph the 2017 range of @dinadinepal products. As I prepare to go, I can’t help thinking how blessed

In the Caucus Mountains of Georgia.
14 Mar 2017

This is one of those unforgettable experiences that happen to find you when your not even looking for it. I was in Georgia working with #reWoven, we were driving high in the Caucus Mountains looking for a nomadic Azeri Shepherd’s camp we had been told was in the area.

Off to Nepal for Dinadi 2017
08 Mar 2017

Last year I got to work with @prestonthiessen from @dinadinepal in Kathmandu. I spent a week photographing the beautiful hand-knitted products that were used in their successful Kickstarter campaign working

Malawian Hoop Rolling
27 Feb 2017

Hoop rolling. I never knew this game had an official name and that images from ancient Greece portray people playing it! This young boy in a village in Malawi probably

Quiet moment in the Haggia Sophia
19 Feb 2017

The Hagia Sophia – one of the most visited buildings in one of the most famous cities in the world. Built as a church, turned into a mosque and now a museum, this woman was able to find a peaceful moment surrounded by the crowds of tourists constantly filling this historical building.

Photo Editing
17 Jan 2017

Settling in @karmakava for a day of editing. A nice connection of photos from Nepal to go through today from @johndavidsonco – doing great work around the world.

Image’s at Work
13 Jan 2017

Here’s the image I took the other day @karmakava. Great to see it printed so large in the window of their new store. Hazel thought it looked alright too.

Lanterns in Istanbuls Grand Baazar
12 Jan 2017

Waking through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is amazing. The feeling of history, the sights, the sounds, the smells is almost over whelming. Even the space above your head is

Kids in Malawi
11 Jan 2017

Photographing kids is always an adventure. I find it often starts with shyness and running away from, or hiding from the camera and ends with confidence and fighting to be

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