Pidkamin and the Legend of Devil’s Rock
The Devil's Rock - Pidkamin, Ukraine.
The Devil’s Rock – Pidkamin, Ukraine.

Pidkamin and the Devil’s Rock

On neighbouring hills in the small town of Pidkamin, Ukraine, lies a beautiful Dominican monastery and an infamous piece of stone. The Devil’s Rock, as it is known, is much smaller in size, but just as legendary and mysterious as the monastery. According to local lore, the devil once got mad at the Dominican monks, tore off a piece of the Carpathian Mountains and threw it at the monastery, but due to the prayers of the Monks, the rock missed and landed on the adjacent hill. Today the rock is surrounded by stone crosses and tombstones from the 17th century. Regardless of how the ‘Devil’s Rock’ got there, it is a beautiful place to watch the sunrise!

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