Moments around the Campfire
Campfire - Sydoriv Ukraine
Campfire – Sydoriv Ukraine
Lately @strebor844 has started showing myself and @thevovk some of his favorite places here in Ukraine, and last week, we went camping near Sydoriv Castle — Check out my last post to see the castle itself — Our camp was on the top of a hill overlooking the magnificent castle remains and it was a great place to sit, chat, eat and spend the night. I took this picture of Vovka staring into the campfire and I love it! A campfire is so mesmerising and every time I go camping and sit watching the flickering flames, I remember just how much I enjoy it, away from everyday distractions, just the sound of the fire, nature and good conversation. It brings back the memories of so many good times, all over the world, sitting just like Vovka, staring into the fire.

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