Azeri Shepherd’s Camp

Little has changed in an Azeri shepherds camp over the years. The shepherds in this camp high in the Caucus Mountains of Georgia have been coming from their village up to the mountains every summer for longer than any of them can remember. Life is primitive here. No running water or electricity, the whole camp is set up with the focus on caring for the flock. Each night the flock is gathered into a central pen surrounded by the shepherd’s tents. The shepherds greet the sunrise with their own flock of 100 or so sheep, heading off to green pastures for the day. The family members left in camp milk the cows, turning the milk into products like cheese, butter, cream and curds. They keep the camp running, cleaning, washing, and preparing the evening meal for the hungry and tired shepherds as they return to camp. Being here is like travelling back in time. It’s easy to believe that the same families, generations ago, lived just like this.

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