Evlaa Review- The solution to my client image proofing problems

Most of my work involves travelling, not just across town, but across the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I love the travel, the work, the experiences. What I have been struggling with in the past has been the logistics of sorting through and collaborating with my client. With so many images over the distances involved, it’s just not possible to sit down at a cafe and look over the images together.

On location my general workflow goes something like this: Spend days shooting images. In the evenings, I download memory cards and back everything up onto backup drives. Then I start categorising, keywording and rating the images from the days shoot. Depending on the job, a day can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of images. The possibilities of sitting down with a client at this time to sort through all these images are very low. Usually, time is precious, and the priority is to capture the images. Sorting the images is something that can be done later.

Evlaa lightroom plugin
The lightroom plugin is easy to use and lets me alter all the settings as well as upload images

While googling for a way for clients to view their images, and make their selections, I stumbled across Evlaa. Evlaa is an online proofing gallery that allows you to upload images for clients. They can not only view but also rate and comment on the images. The best thing for my workflow and efficiency is the lightroom plugin. All the gallery settings, the personal message that can be set with each gallery and the privacy settings are all set up through lightroom. Then it’s just a case of dropping the images into the gallery just like you would for any lightroom collection, and then publishing the gallery.

Evlaa online galleries
Evlaa’s online gallery. This is what my clients see

My Clients

My clients love the simplicity of Evlaa. They enjoy the opportunity to see and select all the images from their shoot. What they love about the online gallery is that being able to login with their own email. This means that multiple people can log in to the same gallery and select their images. The image selections are also saved as the client looks at them. There is no need for them to make all their selections in one sitting as their selections are saved with their email address. This means they can spend their time looking over the images. It also gives the ability to go back and review their selections before submitting them to me.

Once the client or clients have selected their images, I receive an email from Evlaa. Then through lightroom, I can easily import the client selections and comments. Thoughtfully, these selections can be imported as ratings, colours or collections giving me many options depending on my need for each job.

So far, Evlaa is the best solution I have found. It’s very easy for me and with the lightroom plugin, it slips seamlessly into my workflow. It is simple for the clients, giving them access from anywhere. It is a simple well-presented way for them to view their precious images.

If like me, you have been struggling with how to supply your clients with easily accessible online proofing galleries, check out

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